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The programs here are demonstrations of the type of software produced by Q Solutions
Some of these are open source applications, others are free for Non commercial use only. Refer to the copyright notice in the About box of the running application.

In all cases copyright and all rights are reserved by Philip Quaife.


All Applications will run on must modern operating systems and Central Processors. The Software can be downloaded in one of two formats.

  1. Starkit file.
    This needs the tclkit runtime installed for your platform. Runtimes can be downloaded from Equi4.com. This option is best when you either already have Tclkit installed, or you are planning to run a number of Application that all use theTclkit runtime. This runtime can be used in place of the standard Tcl Interpreter (Wish).

  2. Stand Alone Application.
    This file can be run from your computer without any other support files being installed. This is an executatble file and it may be prevented from downloading or being run by your virus scanning software. The application and data reside in a single file. The application can be removed by deleting the download file from your computer.

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1 May 2006, all software is now hosted at The Cool Store.

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