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Qogo Language


This application was developed to teach 5 to 10 year olds the principles of programming via the venerable "Turtle Graphics" paradigm.
It is written in TCL so it runs on all computer platforms.

It features a full IDE with undo support and interactive construction as well as being able to save newly created commands as new instructions.


The main help file can be read online here as QogoHelp.html


The archive does not contain the TCL interpreter which should be available on most computer platforms already. See www.tcl.tk to obtain Tcl if not installed on your computer. The basic logo interpreter Logo.mod is available seperately to demonstrate how the Logo commands are implemented in Tcl. The full system is available as Qogo.zip.
Download and unzip. Run the file Qogo.tcl under the Wish interpreter.

Important Note

If you experience problems viewing the help file from within the program you need to remove the supplied shared library from the Lib directory of the installation so that your own version is used. Also edit the pkgindex file in the Lib directory to remove the Tkhtml entry.

Sorry for the inconvienence, but the blame lies squarely with the glibc developers for making versioned, making it difficult to compile libraries that work with any glibc version. Also I have found that in tcl8.3 the Tab key completion does not work due to me using an 8.4 extension to lsearch. Sorry about that.


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