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TCL 3D Graphics

This is a compute intensive field and not one normally associated with scripting languages.
While most tasks are time wise impracticle for Tcl, one of the best fits for is Visualisation.

Presented here are is a list of visualisation demonstrations.

Available Demonstrations



More Info


Canvas2½D Tk canvas reimplimented under Togl. Screenshot
documentation download
Qgl-3DMines 3D Minesweeper game, developed over four days. Demonstrates real time high speed visualisation. essay AutoExe
tcloglGears Rotating Gears
Demonstrates the basics of openGL rendering with Tcl, multiple Togl widgets and texture mapping
manual source code


GearTrain Simulate a Gear Train in real time. This animates the reduction ratios of the connected gears to that the all rotate at their correct relative speeds. tutorial source code
3D-display Render 3D shapes in real time within a tcl canvas.
Uses advanced optimisation techniques to boost performance
Qanim 3D Animation System essay Autoexe


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